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Surgical Dermatology (Skin Cancer)

Skin cancers have become a very important part of the dermatology discipline. Historically the most common form of tumour in the human race, the number of patients presenting with Skin cancer has increased over the past 40 - 50 years due to changes in climate, differences in fashion (where skin is often more sun exposed), travel, the use of sun beds and longer life expectancy. The incidence of skin malignancy has increased exponentially to record levels. Our team diagnoses and treats the vast majority of cancers in full compliance with treatment guidelines.

See also: Skin cancer, melanoma, sarcoma

Skin Cancer under the microscope

A very early skin cancer as seen under the microscope.
Skin Cancer Melanoma Naevi (moles)
Cysts (including cysts of the scalp) Nail Surgery Sarcomas

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